"Continuous productivity support services"

with professional support and services from 1st ThinkTank platform experts

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1st ThinkTank platform support services provide technical and operational expertise to help you plan, implement, deploy and manage your solutions.
Supply Chain Management
soll in erster Linie die Effizienz der Prozesse verbessern, der Kundennutzen erhöhen, sowie den Bedarf an Ressource optimieren, um im Endeffekt Kunden und Märkte wirtschaftlich erfolgreich zu versorgen.

Our experts
can ensure that your strategic solutions run smoothly so you can focus on your business.

With 1st ThinkTank platform support services you can do the following:
- Accelerate the implementation of solutions

- Optimal adaptation of the solution within your organization

- Support your users to reach their full potential

- Minimize costly downtime for your teams

- Complement your internal support team with first-class 1st ThinkTank platform experts.

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1st ThinkTank platform support services

are offered in the form of an annual contract, which makes budgeting for support costs more predictable and cost-effective over a 12 month period.
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