Established in Germany"1st ThinkTank" is a bipartisan, nonprofit policy research platform

... dedicated to providing strategic insights and policy solutions to help decisionmakers chart a course toward a better world. The 1st ThinkTank’s network of affiliated scholars conduct research and analysis and develop policy initiatives that look to the future and anticipate change. Digitization of education, schools and universities is the focus of our research.

Hidden Champions "Trade & Industry" versus "Internet & eCommerce"

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Visions, Targets and Conditions

We support european organisations that also want a lively educational debate:


"Ministries of Education, Culture and Science "

These Ministries of Education, Culture and Science work to create a smart, skilled and creative environment in their area. Their mission is to ensure that everyone gets a good education and is prepared for responsibility and independence. The Ministries also want people to enjoy the arts, and aim to create the right conditions for scholars, teachers, artists, students and researchers to do their work.

"Hidden Champions Companies"

These Companies assume social responsibility in Germany. In relation to globalization, however, the social role of companies experiences special dynamism in the form of innovative moral links between economic action and socio-political engagement such as Corporate Giving, Corporate Volunteering and Social Capital.

"Modern, Research-driven international Universities"

These Universities aim to deliver an exceptional education, to carry out world-leading research, and to make significant contributions to society - locally, nationally, and internationally. Their extensive and ever-expanding global links will been developed to serve these principles.